Hooray - The interacting movie is ready!

After a long and epic journey through three countries, exploring their deeper understandings of how men and women find eachother to get married, our contribution to  the subgenre of the intercultural wedding comedy is now online. We proudly present :  " LOST AND FOUND "

We made this film to explore how different cultures might misunderstand each other but still get to a happy ending, during our Grundtvig European Learning Partnership 'inter@cting': three countries, four partners, just four filming days (two in Białystok, one in Hannover, one in Edremit) spread over 18 months. We wrote the script between meetings, based on what we'd learnt about each other and our different cultures via Skype.
Apart from our film teacher Chris we were all beginners with film. Most people had never acted before, let alone in a foreign language. Also, as time passed actors also came and went and we had to change the story to fit.
And so you will see some moments that would never happen in a 'pro' film ... but our way of learning is more about what we do, and how, than what we produce. We hope you enjoy 'Lost and Found' and feel the partnership spirit: friends working and playing together across borders. It's our European 'home movie'!

Best wishes,
Mic Hale, 'inter@cting'; coordinator, VHS Hannover, Germany

Now online on youtube:


Hannover meeting film

Colorful impressions from the interacting transnational meeting  2nd to 6th October 2013  in Hannover.
Shot and edited by Stanisław Wirkowski from Akademia 50+/Bialystok


Sucessful meeting Hannover

From th 2nd to the  6th October we had a wonderful meeting in Hannover, with a awesome people and a great programme hannover. The film shootings where also a good experience for all and the weekly newspaper gave us 3/4 of the second frontpage! Read/Download the PDF here: 



Another Article from the daily local newspaper HAZ, can be found here: 


And here is for the English translation of the article - thanks to Angelika for the translation :-)


Meeting in Bialstok

We had a wonderful time with a lot of interessting workshops, shootings for our film, visits and intercultural encounters from 2. to the 6th in Bialystok.

Get a impression with this great film from Bialystok local television about our visit in English/subtitles!